Pain to Power

A 12 Week Journey to Whole Self Integration

Dr. Andrea Moore wears bright pink high heels and jeans and lays in front of a gray brick wall in a photo promoting her Pain to Power Group for Chronic Pain.

You Deserve So Much More Than Just Pain-Relief

Locked behind your chronic pain, your best life is waiting for you…

Here are the keys to throw open that door.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic pain, you may feel like your life is shrinking.

Spontaneity is a no-go because your pain always needs a game plan in case it interrupts the fun.

The things you used to do each day are draining more and more of your energy.

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor, and yet the pain persists.

You’ve wondered if it’s just time to accept that this is how life is for you now.

But a secret part of you holds on to inextinguishable hope. A hope that there is more out there for you.

Wanna know what? You’re right.

What if changing your relationship with your pain was the key to unlocking a whole new life?

Dr. Andrea Moore does a hand stand in front of a stone wall while wearing hot pink high heels. She is promoting her Pain to Power Group for chronic pain.

What if… pain was actually the most bizarre of superheroes, swooping in to save you from the soul-killing circumstances of your life that you’ve just assumed are “the way it is”?

Does that blow your mind? Keep reading.

I’m Dr. Andrea Moore, and I use my years of clinical experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, the latest neuroscience on the physiology of pain, my training as a certified Life Coach, & my own personal experience to help alchemize your chronic pain into a key that unlocks a whole new life, better than you ever dared dream of.

A new life where pain relief isn’t the best you can hope for.

A life in radical alignment with what you really want– no matter how big, how bold, how threatening to the patriarchy.

For hundreds of clients over the years, I’ve watched my Whole-Self Integration Method bring hopes and dreams into crystalline focus. I’ve watched shattered boundaries be rebuilt stronger than ever before and buried generational traumas brought to light.

“Despite being completely overwhelmed, Dr. Andrea met me where I was. As someone who is a perfectionist & hard on myself, she helped me develop the ability to be gentle & compassionate with myself.

Dr. Andrea helped me learn how to dream again about things in life I was scared to dream about (family, career, big goals, etc.). I cannot thank her enough for all of the things she taught me and compassion she gave me along the way.”

Heather Sankey

Workplace Change Manager

Pain becomes a vehicle for knowing yourself on a whole new level. 


When you connect deeply with the wisdom of your body and bring all your parts into alignment… your life will burst open into a thousand new possibilities and opportunities.


And there’s no going back to what was keeping you stuck in hurt.


Because this work isn’t about readying your body to return to a “patriarchy-perfect” life of overworking and overriding your needs to achieve a sense of safety and validation from toxic societal norms. No. 

Your body knows when you deserve better.


With this healing, you won’t be able to stay in situations that demand that you violate your boundaries and hurt yourself just to get by- because your body knows you deserve better.

You won’t be able to go go go without resting, because your body knows you deserve better

Folks who drain your energy and violate your boundaries won’t continue to enjoy the pleasure of your company because your body knows you deserve better.

When you are connected with your body, you will know when you deserve better too.

In the Pain To Power Group, I will teach you my Whole-Self Integration Method so that you have the tools to:

🦄 Wake up & do whatever you want without worrying about the pain

🦄 Regulate your nervous system so your body doesn’t stay stuck in a fear response

🦄 Notice what in your life is exacerbating your pain cycles

🦄 Listen to what your body is telling you it needs

🦄 Seize your agency & make shamelessly big, bold choices 

And that’s not all. Here’s what else you can expect from joining the Pain To Power Group.

🦄 Connect with your deepest desires and take aligned action to claim them

🦄 Watch your life do the opposite of shrink. Instead, it EXPANDS as your opportunities get bigger and better

🦄 Enjoy intentional, loving relationships built on compassion & kindness rather than reactivity

And you get to learn, practice, and process these tools in the most compassionate community of caring, sensitive, rebels.

“I can’t believe how much this work changed my life forever. I had no idea how much chronic anxiety & perfectionism I was living with on a daily basis & that has been completely transformed!

The cherry on top is that I was finally able to have penetrative sex & get my migraines under control!”

Michaelann Gardner

Mental Health Director & Writer

Dr. Andrea Moore does a hand stand in front of a stone wall while wearing hot pink high heels. She is promoting her Pain to Power Group for chronic pain.

The Perks of the Pain To Power Group Membership

🦄 Weekly group coaching calls where I will teach on alchemizing your pain into power (You may attend live or enjoy the replay at your leisure.)

 🦄 After the live lesson, there will be time to ask questions, share what you’re working through, & receive community support

🦄 Lifetime access to the Whole-Self Integration Method curriculum & tons of bonus content that you can’t find anywhere else

🦄 Admission to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions & receive support in between coaching calls

“Before working together, I struggled with chronic pain & wasn’t able to even go for a walk without fear.

Now, my relationship to my body has shifted drastically & I am able to enjoy my workouts! I’ve learned to work WITH my body, rather than against it.

I absolutely recommend working with Andrea – She has the science, the schooling AND the wisdom, mindset and “woo”. The holistic approach is SO helpful!”

Karen Anderson

Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach & Best-Selling Author

Whole-Self Integration Method

Training 1:


Energy Hack: Stop Fighting Your Pain

I will teach you to partner with your pain and gain back the time & energy that was previously spent fighting it. 

You’ll also learn the the process to connect you to your body’s wisdom so you can have direct access to your own knowing & not outsource your own personal power!

Training 2:


Riding Your Neurology To Personal Power

When you understand why pain is present, you can finally treat the cause- not just chase after the symptoms of pain.

Next, you’ll meet your pain in a process unlike any that you’ve experienced.  This is a key to unlocking your capacity for the next modules.  On the other side is more freedom & ease!

Training 3:


Show Yourself How To Feel Safe

Your body might be stuck in a fear response out of habit. But it’s time to show your nervous system how to perceive and accept safety!  I’ll give you a variety of helpful tools to build safety & capacity into your nervous system.

You will also learn wildly effective self-soothing techniques that will rapidly help you go move from hypervigilance to safety.

Training 4:


Reprogram Your Subconscious Reactions

Most people spend their lives reacting to unconscious triggers.  But not you anymore!


I’ll teach you my proprietary techniques that are specially designed for analytical brains.  Through the A.W.A.R.E process, you’ll learn exactly why a trigger is there (without needing to re-hash your trauma, yet again), and with the E.V.O.L.V.E process, you’ll know exactly how to re-wire it.

Training 5:


Rewire your pain cycle

With chronic pain, we develop habitual response loops to pain. These keep our nervous systems stuck in threat mode. Our habitual responses to pain may show up as chronic fear, anxiety, catastrophizing, perfectionism (even around healing!) & urgency to heal, just to name a few.

Learn how to identify and break out of unhealthy pain response cycles.

Training 6:


Flushing Societal Bullshit

Our nervous systems may be holding on to fear that isn’t even ours. Some of our fear might have been manufactured and handed to us through marketing and media designed to make us want to buy stuff to “fix” ourselves.  And you cannot heal this in the same way.

You’ll learn how to discern where fears and habits come from so that you can know how to approach them.   And, this gives you the opportunity to choose what you want to believe instead!  And, if you’ve ever tried to adopt a belief that “sounded good”, but your body rejected – I’ll show you how to get your body on board!

Training 7:


Uncovering What You Really Want

Just like you probably picked up some fears that weren’t yours, you also probably picked up some desires that weren’t yours either. I’ll teach you how to discern whether it’s something you actually want or something you just thought you should want.

We’ll get super clear on what it is that you value in life so that you can bring more intention and alignment into your choices and actions.

Training 8:


Climbing The Nervous System Ladder

Ever wondered why your normal mindfulness tools like meditation don’t really work when you’re frozen in a deep moment of depression? That’s because it’s physiologically impossible to go from nervous system shutdown to safe & social! You’ve got to pass through Sympathetic activation first. And I have just the tool for that!

Training 9:


How To Make Movement Not Suck

Movement is crucial to overall health & well-being- but chronic pain often has people feeling like they’ve been locked out of it.

In this training, I’ll teach you how to safely get back into workouts that you loved or discover new movement practices that bring you joy.

We take the punishment out of movement so that your relationship with exercise becomes a self-nurturing practice you actually look forward to.

Training 10:


The Whole-Self integration process

While we will be integrating this process throughout, in this training you’ll step into mastery of it.

Know when & how to use it, and the nuances needed to apply it in different scenarios and areas of your life.

Everything you’ve learned so far can be streamlined into it so you can get through the noise & know exactly what your next aligned step is!

Training 11:


De-Bugging Your Nervous System

By this point, there will be many changes you’re experiencing. And it is crucial to ensure your nervous system is being updated. Otherwise, it is like trying to run the latest software on an old computer – it will just glitch!

Training 12:


Celebrating the New You

Taking the time to celebrate is a crucial part of building safety in to our nervous systems. So, this week is all about acknowledging and celebrating each other’s wins.

Bonus 1:


The Traumatic Roots of Chronic Pain

Did you know that there is a huge correlation between unprocessed trauma and chronic pain? With this exclusive training, you’ll learn to decode your own trauma responses (fight, flight, freeze, & fawn) and notice when you are reacting to traumas that are no longer present. You’ll also learn how to notice and work with ancestral trauma- because you cannot heal traumas that aren’t even yours in the same way you would process and release a personal trauma.

Dr. Andrea Moore wears bright pink high heels and jeans and lays in front of a gray brick wall in a photo promoting her Pain to Power Group for Chronic Pain.

Bonus 2:


Meet Your Unburdened Self!

This powerful process will allow you connect to your unburdened self, so you know *exactly* how to move forward.

Bonus 3:


Quiet Racing Thoughts

If you struggle with endlessly racing thoughts that leave you feeling out of control…this process will provide immediate relief!

Dr. Andrea Moore wears bright pink high heels and jeans and lays in front of a gray brick wall in a photo promoting her Pain to Power Group for Chronic Pain.

Bonus 4:


Thrive by Design: Cultivating Growth via Conscious Focus

You may have heard the phrase, “what you focus on grows.” While there is truth to it- what on earth do you do when you can’t seem to pull your focus from your pain, or it feels threatening to put your focus on the very thing you desire?  This training breaks this all down with actionable steps & powerful mindset shifts.

“My work with Andrea will be relevant for the rest of my life… I’m now living a more fulfilling and active life.

My pain is not completely gone (yet), but it is significantly lower, & for the first time, I feel like I have enough safety in my body to allow it to heal fully.”

Chelsea Rundell

Caregiver Coach


Who is Pain To Power for?

🦄 All types of chronic pain


🦄 Entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, creatives, healers, & originals


🦄 People-pleasers & perfectionists


🦄 Type-A workaholics


🦄 Empaths & highly sensitive people


🦄 All genders ready to be rid of internalized patriarchy


🦄 All bodies (this is not a diet or weight loss approach)


🦄 Folks with a touch of the woo open to making a financial, time, and emotional investment in coaching

Who is Pain To Power NOT for?

People Who Are Unable To Invest in Coaching

This program is best suited for folks who have their survival needs met. If you’re struggling to make your rent and pay your bills, you will have a hard time doing a deep dive into a trauma that is very current and present. My social media, podcast, and newsletter are all free resources that can support you until you are able to make the financial, emotional, and time investment in coaching.


People in Acute Crisis


Please note that the Pain To Power Group is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor before signing up.


“Prove It To Me” Skeptics


While my approach is supported by neuroscience and my training as a doctor of physical therapy, it is a unique, cutting-edge approach- unlike many other treatments you’ve probably tried.


We will be delving into the emotional roots of your chronic pain. We will draw connections to past traumas. We will explore somatic and mindfulness tools to help strengthen your connection to your body. Some of the work can feel spiritual in nature.

Please know that questions are always allowed, but if this type of work feels out of alignment, my coaching programs are probably not a good fit for you at this time. Do listen to my podcast, Unweaving Chronic Pain, if you’d like to hear the science behind why my approach works.

How long does the membership last?

Joining the Pain to Power Group is a minimum 3-month commitment in order to build the familiarity, safety, & trust necessary within the group to go to the vulnerable places we explore.


It is possible to work through the entire Whole-Self Integration Method Curriculum within 12 weeks, but many people find they need to take their time with each lesson to really allow it to integrate. Luckily, you have lifetime access to the Whole-Self Integration Method Curriculum.


And since many folks enjoy working through and revisiting the material with the support of the group and my weekly coaching, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for ongoing group coaching at a highly discounted rate at the end of your 3-month membership.

“Working with you was sort of a “last ditch effort”, one more try before I just gave up the ghost on being able to run again how I wanted….


And now I can run, hike & am getting back into lifting. I’ve also been so surprised how much what I’ve learned carries over into other aspects of life!!!”

Stephanie Cleary


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